The best real estate agents – awarded by BELLEVUE

Since 2006, BELLEVUE – Europe’s leading real-estate magazine – has awarded the BEST PROPERTY AGENTS seal of approval to top real-estate companies around the globe.

The BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS award commands great respect both nationally and internationally as the only independent seal of approval of its kind in the real-estate sector. In particular because applicants are assessed and reassessed annually by our expert panel of judges. Only those who continue to provide services to consistently high standards can expect to earn this desirable accolade year after year.

Agents distinguished by the jury appear in our agents database with the annual signet in their profile.

How can one apply for the award?

Download the application documents and send us the completed form along with the required additional information (item 10):

Application documents BEST PROPERTY AGENTS 2024 [PDF]

Who can be awarded?

Brokers/companies that have been operating in their market for at least three full years will be assessed and eligible for the award.

Can the award be purchased?

The award is given by an independent jury. You may order a marketing package, but this has no effect on their decision, as they will not receive any knowledge of the booking.

What are the criteria for the award?

The jury requires the following information:

  • CV from the managing director
  • Company brochure (if not available, other relevant documents on your company/office)
  • Documentary proof (insurance, specialist skills, training, etc.)
  • Two to three sample property profiles (details sheets)
  • References (from clients, lawyers, public notaries – in writing, please, and no older than one year)


Where can I find the award-winning agents?

I want to buy or sell a property. Which real estate agent should I contact?

Our award-winning BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENTS in your area.