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Perfectly renovated farmhouse a few kilometers from Otranto. This beautiful typically Salento Masseria is born from the restoration of an eighteenth-century historical nucleus expanded over the years through lateral annexes that gave it this form to the c

  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 11 Zimmer
  • 850 m² Wohnfläche
1.400.000 € Kaufpreis

Villa with breathtaking views overlooking the Salento cliff. The breath-taking view and the position overlooking the high cliff at the extreme tip of the heel of Italy, make the villa a unique opportunity for sea lovers.

Gagliano del Capo
  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 3 Zimmer
  • 220 m² Wohnfläche
890.000 € Kaufpreis

Perfectly renovated Palazzetto in the historic center of Parabita. In the ancient historical center of the small town of Parabita in Salento, this Palazzetto, which has been recently renovated, develops on two floors.

  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 6 Zimmer
  • 450 m² Wohnfläche
470.000 € Kaufpreis

Typical country house with features of the Salento style. Near the historic town of Tricase, "Country House Della Corte" is an ancient property, that has been recently carefully renovated, preserving the agricultural style of Salento.

  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 5 Zimmer
  • 600 m² Wohnfläche
1.250.000 € Kaufpreis

Majestic castle dating back to 1524. A masterpiece of military architecture of the 1500s, the Castle of Caprarica, in the historic Salentine town of Tricase, is very fascinating due to its classic rectangular plan with 4 cylindrical towers at the corners

  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 12 Zimmer
  • 1.700 m² Wohnfläche
4.200.000 € Kaufpreis

Palazzina Parisi: combination of elegance and rationality. There are homes that are out of time and that become icons of a universally recognized style.

  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 16 Zimmer
  • 600 m² Wohnfläche
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Residential property for Sale in Patù (Italy). We are in Salento, a short distance from the beautiful Marina di San Gregorio and the spectacular cliff of Ciolo.

  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 12 Zimmer
  • 630 m² Wohnfläche
1.100.000 € Kaufpreis

Period building on two floors with garden, swimming pool and grove. In Specchia Gallone, a town near Minervino di Lecce (LE), just 10 km from Otranto, Alimini, Baia Dei Turchi and 5 km from Porto Badisco stands a historic building dating back to 1600-1700

Minervino di Lecce
  • Einfamilienhaus
  • 11 Zimmer
  • 800 m² Wohnfläche
2.400.000 € Kaufpreis

Villa, 5 bedrooms, pool, walking distance to the beach

  • Wohnung
  • Zimmer
  • 250 m² Wohnfläche
  • 3.000 m² Grundstücksfläche
1.480.000 € Kaufpreis