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7 Immobilien ab 250.000,00 € gefunden im Umkreis von 10km

This beautiful typically Salento Masseria is born from the restoration of an eighteenth-century historical nucleus expanded over the years through lateral annexes that gave it this form to the court

1.250.000 € Kaufpreis
Einfamilienhaus in Martano 11 Zimmer 9149.32m² Wohnfläche

A warm and very special property, a few kilometres from the high cliffs of Santa Cesarea Terme, in the picturesque village of Ortelle

380.000 € Kaufpreis
Einfamilienhaus in Ortelle 4 Zimmer 2152.78m² Wohnfläche

Beautiful House dating back from 1900, a few kilometres from Otranto, located on approximately 4,500 sqm completely fenced land, planted and cultivated

550.000 € Kaufpreis
Einfamilienhaus in Maglie 3 Zimmer 2690.98m² Wohnfläche

In the southern Salento countryside, near the historic town of Specchia, the Don Tommaso property, surrounded by characteristic dry-stone walls, has recently been restored respecting traditional techniques and tastefully furnished

395.000 € Kaufpreis
Einfamilienhaus in Specchia 3 Zimmer 2152.78m² Wohnfläche

A small jewel hidden in the picturesque village of Castiglione, just 5 km from the Adriatic cliff, one of the most beautiful spots on the Salento coast, the property is located behind a gate very close to the main square of the town

220.000 € Kaufpreis
Einfamilienhaus in Andrano 3 Zimmer 1937.5m² Wohnfläche

In the historic center of the small town of Aradeo, in the south of Salento, the two-storey building has a façade with a strong personality embellished by arches and mullioned windows and hides a large private garden of about 1,300 sqm with a beautiful central well

760.000 € Kaufpreis
Einfamilienhaus in Aradeo 4 Zimmer 6458.34m² Wohnfläche

In one of the most beautiful natural areas of Salento, in the splendid scenery of the Alimini lakes, with a direct view of the small lake, this property is made up of about 20 hectares of land cultivated with arable land producing wheat and barley, vegetables and fruit; grape varieties and olive groves and part of the Mediterranean plants complete the landscape

1.500.000 € Kaufpreis
Einfamilienhaus in Otranto 14 Zimmer 5381.95m² Wohnfläche