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Baerz & Co BV

Chantal Cunningham
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Castellbisbal, Castellbisbal

  • 1.200.000 € Kaufpreis
  • 14.000 m² Grundstücksfläche
  • 1.800 m² Wohnfläche
  • Zimmer

Baerz & Co BV

Chantal Cunningham
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It is a cataloged masia from the XVII century, fully rehabilitated in the year 2004, for use as a restaurant for the celebration of events, although as we will see later, allows many other uses given its physical characteristics and urban ...mehr lesen
It is a cataloged masia from the XVII century, fully rehabilitated in the year 2004, for use as a restaurant for the celebration of events, although as we will see later, allows many other uses given its physical characteristics and urban regulations.

It has a constructed area of ​​approximately 1,800 m2 of roof, and would allow an extension of an additional 2,900 m2, so that the total set could be close to the 4,700 m2 built.
The land on which it is located has 14,000 m2, distributed in wooded area, access, parking area, gardens and outdoor plazas.

The masia is the result of a deep rehabilitation of the entire original building, since it remained in a state of semi-ruin before the intervention, so that respecting the exterior of it, a new interior structure has been built, with fully current technical characteristics, to improve both habitability and functionality.

Basically the building consists of two perpendicular bodies, which contains three rooms, entrance hall, toilets, bar and embers, kitchen, storage, covered parking, changing rooms for workers, offices, housing, terrace, and a diaphanous body for second home or dependencies as a warehouse or new offices.

The rooms and areas according to their uses are the following:

a) Entrance hall: Wide area of ​​reception-distribution to the different rooms and waiting area, with access to toilets and bar. Surface: 52 square meters.

b) Room number 1: Rustic atmosphere and located at the same level as the entrance hall and with direct access to the entrance square. Surface: 250 square meters.

c) Room number 2: Located at a half height from the entrance, and with direct access to the rear plaza. Surface: 370 square meters.

d) Room number 3: Located on the previous one, with a similar shape but with its own terrace. The surface of the living room is about 310 square meters and that of the terrace of 60 square meters.

e) Toilets: Located next to the hall and easily accessible from the three rooms. Adapted for the disabled.

f) Office: Located next to lounge number three, and with the function of facilitating your service from kitchen.

g) Housing: Element attached to the restaurant, with all the characteristics of an independent house. Surface: 140 square meters.

h) Terrace: Located on lounge number 1, with access from restaurant or from home, so it can have private or public use. Surface: 230 square meters.

i) Diaphanous body: Located on lounge number 1, and with access from terrace. Totally diaphanous, so it can have different uses, from second home to offices or warehouse.

j) Office located inside room number two. Usable for any of the acceptable uses for a space of this type.

k) Kitchen: With access to room 1 at the same level, and rooms 2 and 3 by stairs and elevator-hoists. Direct output to outside for goods entry.

l) Bar area: Located next to lounge number 1, including service bar to hall and lounge, annex room, and embers in view of customers for meat, vegetables, etc … with the corresponding extraction system fumes

m) Warehouse: Located in an annex to the farmhouse, next to kitchen, with an area of ​​about 25 square meters.

n) Worker services: Next to the warehouse, outside the core of the farmhouse, with showers, changing rooms and toilets.

o) Parking: Next to workers services, and with an area of ​​100 square meters. It can also be used as a second store or similar.

p) Others: Three underground tanks with capacities of between 50,000 and 60,000 liters each and connected to roofs and drains of the squares, to enable the vegetation to be watered without the need for running water from the network.

Main entrance square, with Catalan Toba and natural stone pavements, as well as mulberry trees and fountain in the central part. Valid for summer terrace and weddings snacks. Surface: 650 square meters.

Rear facade square, with direct access to room number 2, and entrance square. With garden area, valid for aperitifs, civil ceremonies, etc … With views of the mountain and Montserrat. Surface of about 700 square meters.

Outdoor parking areas, next to the farmhouse and with initial capacity of more than 150 cars. Expandable.

Two accesses to the property, independent, with different possibilities: entry-exit, entry customers-entry-merchandise, etc …

14,000 square meters of land, with roads and roads, retaining walls, pine forests, etc …

Regarding the facilities of the property and as a summary, we will say that it has the following:

• Connection to electrical grid dimensioned for 180Kw (Three-phase and single-phase)
• Connection to water network (Aigües de Castellbisbal)
• Connection to public sanitation network.
• Fixed telephone and internet connection.
• Mobile telephony coverage.
• Installation cool and heat air conditioning.
• Air renewal system.
• Gas Propane deposit and installation
• Professional kitchen Zanussi Fires, plates, tilting, kettle, fryers, bain-marie, convection oven, fridges, hot step, etc …)
• Cold rooms (5) + freezing.
• Fire detection systems.
• BIES Network.
• Alarm systems.
• Forklifts (elevator size)
• Deposits collecting rainwater.

As well as:

• Crockery and glassware
• Kitchen tooling
• Tables and chairs
• Linen
• Auxiliary furniture
• Decoration elements
• Etc…

The masia is located in the Province of Barcelona, in the municipality of Castellbisbal, in the Urbanization Can Santeugini, on the road between Martorell and Terrassa, so it is located 15 minutes from Barcelona, and about 5 minutes from Abrera, Martorell , San Andrés de la Barca, Abrera and 10 minutes from Terrassa. It is reached by the dual carriageway A-2 (Direction Montserrat), so its location is easy and fast.

It is a classic building but with all the advances and characteristics of a current building, with the potential to host a wide range of diverse activities, from restaurant to a residency for the elderly, and is located just a few minutes from Barcelona, thanks to the excellent access routes.

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, Castellbisbal, ESP


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Chantal Cunningham

119ws Oud over
3632VC Loenen aan de Vecht
Tel.: 0031 20 210 1110

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